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Potomac Lighting has been incorporated since 1992. A family owned and operated business - leaning towards unique, niche, boutique style  architectural and decorative lighting for both commercial and residential spaces. Potomac Lighting specializes in contributing to your design, by drawing attention and playing with the power of light to illuminate, transform and enhance a space dramatically.

Potomac Lighting strives for excellent attention to customer service for both specifiers and clients. We offer professional advise on options for fixtures, based on our knowledge as lighting representatives of our lines strong points. We can help you get started in a creative direction! If you need something specific, we probably know where to find it to close the gap and shorten the time in your searching process.

We do not currently process complete photometric layouts and planning in house, but do have several factories that can help with photometric information on functional general illumination, if that is necessary for certain jobs. We can recommend many trained lighting designers for particular and specialized lighting requirements. We have several showrooms in the area with our product lines on display, call us and we can direct you to the best location for displays. 

We are enthusiastic to introduce new and upcoming technologies and lighting products to you through our site, literature, presentations and personal meetings. Please contact us with any details concerning our lines; we are happy to help. We believe our specification lines can offer an array of decorative and architectural selections unique in design.

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